Monday, May 26, 2008

Thompson on conservatism

Former Republican senator Fred Thompson has an interesting op ed in the Wall Street Journal offering advice to American conservatives.

First off, Thompson says conservatives should not give into pessimism.

Secondly, he laments how, "some conservatives try to avoid philosophical confrontation with liberals, often urging solutions that would expand the government while rationalizing that the expansion would be at a slightly slower rate."

To be successful, Thompson says conservatives must remain true to their principles.

That's good advice for Canadian conservatives too.


Anonymous said...

Thompson always said appealing things, and many had placed high hopes in him.

Too bad that when the going got tough, Thompson got going, and now he proffers his opinions from the safety of the editorial page, rather than the election trail.

Anonymous said...

I also started reading the book, "Revolution" by Ron Paul, and while I don't agree with every thing that Dr. Paul says, I think that Ron Paul was the first small c-conservative south of the border to really speak out about the many ways that conservativism had lost its way...

It would be a good read for many North of the border too.