Thursday, May 01, 2008

Post takes on EC

From today's National Post editorial: "Whether or not Elections Canada means to leave the appearance of bias against the Tories, it has. Its actions look like those of an agency with a vendetta against the Tories and their leader, Prime Minister Stephen Harper."

Remember you read it here first.


Roy Eappen said...

I was very happy with the editorial in the Posty. elections canad will have to now realize a significant portion of the population no longer trusts them to be neutral.
I am in winnipeg for Civitas. Are you going?

Gerry Nicholls said...


Sorry to say I won't be attending this year.

But say hello to everybody for me!

rondi adamson said...

Roy, I won't be going either. You know what that means, don't you? With Gerry and I absent, you will be the only representative of the cool kids there. Do us proud!

Roy Eappen said...

I'll miss you guys. we'll have to gather in Toronto soon.

Monkey Loves to Fight said...

I think most of the public sides with Elections Canada over Harper. The only good thing for Harper is most see this as a minor incident so it doesn't affect their vote. Decima just had a recent poll on the issue.