Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Extreme Make Over: Canadian Edition

The Auditor General says the Prime Minister's residence at 24 Sussex Dr. is falling apart and needs major renovations.

The needed renovations, says the National Capital Commission, would cost taxpayers an estimated $10 million.

If you think that sounds too high, you obviously haven't hired a plumber lately.

Anyway, Prime Minister Harper has nixed the idea of any renovations, saying he is willing to put up with the bad plumbing, the faulty wiring and the ghost of Mackenzie King's mother.

I say, however, the Prime Minister of Canada deserves decent living conditions.

So here's my idea.

Let's send Harper and his family off on a week long holiday somewhere (anywhere but Mexico) and then while they're gone we invite the people from Extreme Makeover: Home Edition up to Canada.

They fix up the house lickety-split and then the whole nation can watch the emotional reveal when Harper returns to Ottawa.

The Prime Minister might even get choked up enough to shake his son's hand!

Now that's good television.


Anonymous said...

It shows how small Canadians really are. harper doesn't want to have 24 Sussex fixed because the CBC and every communist/Liberal would be all over him for wasteful spending. It was the same with Mulroney's cadillac that had to be switched out by Cretien to a Buick because the CDN public couldnt bear to have the PM in a Cadillac. I am sure Chretien was laughing all the way to the PMO with that little tweek to the nose of the public. How childish.
24 Sussex has been in need of repairs since the communist Trudeau was in there. What a small and envious little country we have become.

GrantK1 said...

Great idea Gerry!

Reid said...


Bang on. The Liberals are out there now pressing to have 24 Sussex fixed up. But they know damn well their media buddies will run with stories of massive spending of millions and millions of dollars on "decorating" by the Harpers.

Plus, there's the symbolism of "getting the Harpers out of 24 Sussex" before the next election.

Robert McClelland said...

harper doesn't want to have 24 Sussex fixed because the CBC and every communist/Liberal would be all over him for wasteful spending.

That might be the case, but is it better to have every communist/Liberal all over him for endangering his children's lives by continuing to live in a death trap?

Pick your poison; wasteful spending or child endangerment. I know I'd rather have the press accuse me of wasting money.

Anonymous said...

Oh my, when I read your caption I thought you were talking about Harper's make-up lady.

Try keeping partisanship aside here - Mike Duffy said last night the Bill Graham (when appoint interim Liberal leader) offered not to move into Stornoway so that Harper could remain there for 24 Sussex to be repaired. Wouldn't change schools for his kids, near Parliament, etc.

So, let's grow up and stop trying to make issues where there are none.

Enough already.

Ya, what a daddy Harper is - letting his kids live there with so much wrong with it.

Anonymous said...

How long will the 2009 campaign be? I suggest Laureen and kids move back west during the campaign, get the repairs done in time for them to move right back in.