Friday, November 02, 2007

A Little Bundle of Joy

Check out the newest member of my family.

My very own computer!

This will make my son happy, because up til now I was forced to expropriate his computer -- for the common good.

As you might imagine, this led to some tense situations as we battled for computer control.

But now peace will be restored.

By the way, this computer has a core2duo CPU; a 16B DDR2 RAM; and a PCI-Express expansion slot.

I have no idea what any of that means, but the computer guy who sold it to me, said it's all good stuff.

Can't wait to try out some games ... I mean use it for all my writing needs.


Anonymous said...

She's a beauty, Gerry.

However, I think that the family unity in my household in Atlantic Canada can hold together long enough to wait for the core3duo CPU model.

The unity of the CPC may be another matter unless some serious mistakes get corrected for real.

Don't you know anything? A CPU is a "Conservative Party Unit." I thought that you were one of the top five political minds in the country.

I am hoping that the core3duo CPU will actually be based on conservatism and some dialogue rather than simple spin.

Here's to wishful thinking...

Anonymous said...

One more slightly off track issue...

Well, not really off track, but not about Gerry's computer.

Just some relevant history that everyone probably already knows, but may be starting to repeat itself...

After Brian Mulroney left the PCs, the party cracked in two and won a grand total of 3 seats in the subsequent House of Commons.

On the night that Bill Casey made his decision to vote against the Atlantic Accord betrayal, he was locked in a room by Flaherty, MacKay and Harper before the vote who urged him to change his mind.

When those three failed to do so, Casey was asked to take a telephone call. It was Brian Mulroney on the other end of the line trying to intimidate Casey into backing down on his stance.

Many people including myself were shocked to learn that Mulroney was again involved in the operations of the CPC.

I would hope that all Conservatives have the good sense to walk away from another potential, oncoming train wreck this time.

Anyways, hurricane coming tomorrow -- better go batten down the hatches.