Wednesday, November 14, 2007

All Hail the People's Party

Received a fundraising letter today from the Conservative Party signed by Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

In this letter, Harper describes the Conservative Party as the "People's Party" and the Conservative Government as the "People's Government."

Hmm, not a great way to ask me for money as I am not a big fan of People's Governments.

Anyway to thank me for all my "loyal support", a nifty gift calendar is included with the letter.

Lucky me.

Now I will be able to gaze on the Great Leader of the People's Party every day of the year.

The calendar has photos of the Great Leader posing next to a snow man, there's a couple of him with his cute kids, one of him pretending to look studious at his desk; and of course, the obligatory shot of him basking in the adulation of People's Party supporters.

Wonder when they are going to erect the statue?


Anonymous said...

Was harper wearing red anywhere? Was there red flags billowing in the wind in the background? Was there a raised arm with hammer or sickle it it? (real conservative)

Iain G. Foulds said...

... It would be good if one knew that one's contributions were going to the promotion of conservative values, and not spent on attack ads against Mr. Dion.

Anonymous said...

Probably not in St. John's, Newfoundland, I would guess.

Danny would order it to be torn down!

Monkey Loves to Fight said...

I suspect they were more referring to being a populist party rather than socialist considering how much most Conservatives including Harper despise socialism.

That being said the party is anything but populist, it just uses the populist guise to win votes, but in reality Harper is about as far from populism as one can get.

Anonymous said...

The Liberals campaign by the polls and by the journalists. I would say that is as close to populism as you can get in the modern era.
I am a on a riding executive but the party gets NO More Money from me. Flaherty ruined my retirement years by robbing me of 3 years of income with his Income trust decision.

Anonymous said...

Which "People" are those that are in this "People's Party?"

Would the Conservative riding executive in Nova Scotia that Harper just fired be included in those "people?"

Or were they, in fact, aliens?

Thank you, fearless Leader, for ridding us of those alien invaders of Bill Casey's!

Anonymous said...


Something is definitely very wrong with the "People's Party!"

Check out this article on the selection of candidates re. Bank of Canada:

Where is the Canadian media on this issue?

Why would a guy with 32 years of Central Bank experience be passed over for a 42 year old political appointee from the Department of Finance who once worked in a bank to head up the Bank of Canada and set monetary policy?


Very Concerned in Halifax

NB taxpayer said...


Attacks ads are good and many of them demonstrate Dion's lack of leadership on the economy.

However, you are right, the conservtive party may be united, but they are clearly lacking the focus the movement had in the 90s.

Unknown said...

miles lunn, this is sarcasm and humour.
Sarcasm and humour, this is miles lunn.

I'd assumed you folks had met, but I guess formal introductions are better late than never.

Anonymous said...

I have not seen a more disgusting and repulsive spectacle since the Beloved Leader- type personality cult went out of fashion in my old country a long time ago. He is not only on every page, he IS every page. The only thing missing is his own portrait hanging behind him on the wall in his study where he is depicted working tirelessly for the good of his benighted people. The whole affair is unspeakably disgusting.