Saturday, October 27, 2007

Watching Labour

A couple of postings ago, I noted how a court had dealt a blow to Canada's big union bosses, when it ruled the Public Service Alliance of Canada could not fine unionized employees who chose to cross picket lines.

The presiding judge called the fines “very unfair,” “extremely onerous” and “unconscionable in the circumstances."

And PSAC bosses must have known they would lose this case.

After all, according to LabourWatch, these bosses paid for a legal opinion back in 2004 which advised them that such fines were, in fact, illegal.

However, the unions chose to continue imposing these fines, obviously relying on the hope that most employees lacked the resources to hire a lawyer to fight for their rights in the courts.

Turns out that was a misplaced hope.

As LabourWatch president John Mortimer put it, "Now PSAC needs to drop its legal actions, and apologize to hundreds of dues paying members across Canada misled since the 2004 legal opinion, which unionized employees paid for”.

Now is also for the time for our governments to enact laws to protect the individual freedoms of employees in the work place.

You can learn more about this important case here.

By the way, LabourWatch is a tremendous organization, that does a lot of good when it comes to fighting for the rights of employees.

It's worthy of support.


Anonymous said...

Does this mean teacher unions too?
So when there's a strike those who want to teach their students can do so without consequence?

Iain G. Foulds said...

... Goodbye unions... the collectivist legacy of Marx.
... Hello liberty... the freedom of the employer to set conditions of employment- whether a lemonade stand, or government. And, the freedom of the employee to accept offered conditions.
... "Collective rights" are always at the expense of individual rights.

Unknown said...

Ironically, the guy could probably afford to take legal action much more easily because of the great union wages he'd been earning prior to his run-in with these folks on the picket line.

Anonymous said...

Long overdue, human rights are human rights and the right to work is no different than any others. It is time to move past unions, their reign is over. Long live the peaceful work place.