Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Poison Pills

Media pundits agree tonight's Throne Speech did not contain a "poison pill" to trigger an election.

But watching it was so boring, I desperately wanted to take a poison pill.

Hey at least, they are talking about cutting taxes -- what took them so long.


Monkey Loves to Fight said...

I think the idea of restricting federal spending power in provincial jurisdiction is big enough to warrant an election. I wrote more on my blog on this issue.

Anonymous said...

What took them so long? They had to consider ALL Canadians, seeing as they were not just on the opposition benches anymore, they had to solve the fiscal imbalance,which they did, and now they can concentrate on moving Canadians, ALL Canadians forward.

NB taxpayer said...

For the record, I fell asleep.

Anonymous said...


Who cares what Stephen Harper says he is going to do anymore? We all know that he is likely going to do the opposite because Moses Flanagan said that Canada is not a conservative country.

Can someone please tell me -- are neocons really conservative or are they old Liberals because I cannot figure it out?

Anonymous said...


"Solve the fiscal imbalance??"

That's rich -- did Moses tell you that one too?

Anonymous said...

No comments, Hunter?

lol...solve "the fiscal imbalance?"

No, Hunter! What Mr. Harper did was simply re-distribute the way money is currently laundered in Ottawa these days.

In doing so, Harper picked on three provinces (NL, NS, SK) who have actually been doing a good job recently in reducing their reliance on equalization payments from Ottawa to redistribute it to Quebec whose reliance on equalization is spiraling out of control... In 2008-2009, Quebec (with 25% population) will receive 60% of equalization payments alone.

As well, never once did anyone from the CPC mention that in 2008-2009 Newfoundland and Nova Scotia were already projected to take less in equalization than the province of Manitoba alone.

However, if this garbage about "solving the fiscal imbalance" actually fools fools then hey, that's fair game, but don't expect all of us not to laugh when someone tries to claim that "the fiscal imbalance" has been fixed by the CPC...

Anonymous said...

Hey, Hunter:

Where did you go, buddy?

You might want to check this site to see where your tax dollars are actually going:


Equalization payments:

2006-2007 11, 281 Billion
2007-2008 12, 768 Billion
2008-2009 12, 918 Billion

75% of that 2008-2009 projection will go to two provinces, Quebec and Manitoba.

Equalization payments will continue to increase in Canada despite the fact that the New Government of Canada has taken their sledge hammer to NS, NL and SK to straighten those provinces out, and fix the "fiscal imbalance." Those three provinces were already slated to receive merely 10% of all equalization payments in 2008-2009.

The fact is the Atlantic Accord fiasco may have been one the greatest displays of imcompetence by a Federal government in quite sometime...

Please don't let these facts get in the way of your suggestion that the "fiscal imbalance" has been somehow fixed in Canada though...