Thursday, January 05, 2006

Top Ten Must Lose List

Sometimes during an election we focus so much on who we want to win, that we lose sight of something that's equally important -- who we want to lose.

With that in mind I decided to compile a list of candidates I would love to see lose on January 23rd.

Here’s what I came up with:

1. Belinda Stronach – No explanation I think is necessary.

2. Svend Robinson – Never mind his loony left-wing politics, if Robinson ever gets elected it will cost taxpayers a fortune to pay for all those little chains they will have to attach to the pens in the House of Commons.

3. Scott Brison – An unprincipled turncoat who once tried to smear the National Citizens Coalition. But hey this isn’t personal.

4. Sid Ryan – union boss who has lost about 100 elections in a row. Why spoil the streak?

5. Jean Lapierre – Just want to see if he will go back to being a separatist if he loses.

6. Michael Ignatieff – The last thing we need is another left wing intellectual in the House of Commons.

7. Olivia Chow – Ok relax. Chow is on this list because of her politics; it has nothing to do with dogs of any breed.

8. Ralph Goodale – A Liberal MP from Western Canada? It just doesn’t make sense.

9. Anne McLellan – Surely she has to lose sometime.

10. Bonnie Brown – You probably don’t recognize her name. But she’s the Liberal MP from my town of Oakville. A complete non-entity, she is the poor man's Carolyn Parrish, only with less charm.

OK I’ve done my bit.

Now it’s up to the voters.


Michael Fox said...

I'd really love to see Joe Volpe lose, especially after that KKK comment he made.

I'm also trying to reconcile the fact that I'd like to see both Hedy Fry and Svend lose.

Anonymous said...

Telegedi, man, Telegedi.

Raging Ranter said...

Yes, Joe Volpe was a glaring omission. Can't say I disagree with your top three though. And BS is number one, right where she belongs.

Honourable mentions to the following:

Dr. Keith Martin (another turn-coat running somewhere in the Lower Mainland)

Eleanor Kaplan (loudmouth who called the Alliance a bunch of holocaust deniers)

John Loewen (former provincial Tory in MB running against Steven Fletcher because the "Harper Tories are too right wing and must be stopped").

Yaq said...

Elinor Caplan is no longer an MP. She retired prior to the 2004 election. Her replacement is Liberal Susan Kadis.

Matt said...

Gerry, you forgot about your home town! Luckily it's in good hands. Watch Windsor-Tecumseh on January 23rd, I predict a surprise.

Neal Ford said...

Good list. I'd add Headless Fry to the list... Marlene jennings is another. She's absolutely useless.

My list would also contain 54 Bloc Quebecois MPs. They all deserve to go down in flames. Preferably to Tories.

And did i say jack layton?

Road Hammer said...

Denis Coderre.

Raging Ranter said...

I stand corrected (and red-faced) by Yaq.

In place of the retired Eleanor Caplan (or however you spell it) I propose Ruby Dhalla.

Anonymous said...

You forgot the freakjob Carolyn Bennett. Policies that only an NDP'er could love!

Michael Fox said...

Wait a second.. what about Ujjal Dosanjh?

I'd also put Janko Peric (Cambridge - defeated in 2004 but running again) on there. He has to be the least intelligent MP.. of all time.

v said...

I'd put Anne McLellan at the top of the list. She's done such a negligent non-job as Minster for Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness and the minister in charge of the RCMP that it probably affects all Canadians on a day-to-day basis more than we realize.

Anonymous said...

Ach, you naive right-wing dreamers who are off the subway line and off your rockers.

Harper, the Alliance holy-roller in Tory clothing will go down in flames.

Anonymous said...

Come on man!! Gilles Duceppe - a freakin' separtist!!! Oh well, I guess this Grit will go back to reading the centre-left blogs.

Anonymous said...

Liza Frulla - the poster girl for all that is wrong about the Liberals. Got elected and left the riding never to be seen again. She's a lot more interested in being in power and sharing the wealth with her Liberal friends. All style, no substance.

Anonymous said...

At last...someone else has recognised the "other" C Parrish in the Liberal party - Bonnie Brown, soon to be former member for Oakville,ON.

Her only contributions to local or national affairs, as far as I can tell, have been odious anti-Americanism and the wearing of white poppies on 11 November to protest...I'm not sure exactly what.

Anonymous said...

Who let Scot Reid post here. I did not think he could read?

>Ach, you naive right-wing dreamers who are off
>the subway line and off your rockers.
>Harper, the Alliance holy-roller in Tory clothing
>will go down in flames.

Anonymous said...

Yep , Volpe for sure. Now , that's one 'scary'-looking politician.

Should have been an undertaker.

Anonymous said...

John Volpe, Pierre Pettigrew, Marc Garneau, Ken Dryden all get my non vote. Good bye and good riddence to them all!!!

jake165 said...

David Anderson from Victoria is retiring, Thank God!!! What a waste of rations this loser has been since 93 .... Jake

Anonymous said...

Here is my list:
Paul Martin.Ann McClellan.
Tony Valeri. Joe Volpe.
Ujjal Donsanj.
Belinda Stronach. Scott Brison.
Ralph Goodale.Ken Dryden.Hedy Fry.
And so many others so very deserving of losing!!

Clinton P. Desveaux said...

Great blog, great comments!

Anonymous said...

I agree with all the people on the list with the exception of Michael Ignatieff. With anti-americanism absolutely rife in the liberal party, particularily among the distaff members of that party for some reason (hello Carolyn Parrish, Colleen "Baghdad" Beaumier, Judy Sgro, Bonnie Brown, etc), it would be nice to have someone in the party who recognizes anti-americanism for the corrosive element that it is in canadian politcal life, and who may be in a position to do something about it. As far as I'm concerned anybody who says "Cheap anti-Americanism is a menace in our politics" could only be a good influence within the Liberal party. As well the fact that Liberal flack and Toronto Star journalist Haroon Siddiqui did a hatchet job on Ignatieff also does much to recommend him.

Anonymous said...

Why do any of the current crop need to be returned?

Mark-Alan Whittle said...

As long as Scott Reid, John Duffy and every last Earnscliffe spin doctor is purged from Capital Hill, all will be well.

HockeyKnight said...

Good luck this upcoming election cycle.

I'll be watching closely as one of "your American friends" in hopes that the change sorely needed in Ottawa may produce a long lasting and better friendship and dialogue between our two countries.

Anonymous said...

Please add the Liberal Media to your list Gerry.

Wait! Not just Liberal Media. How about all those media types who feature imbalanced, biased reporting and want us to believe it's "the truth".

The media coverage both TV and print during this election so far have been pathetic. Talk radio has been better but I wonder if you've noticed that even the best journalists now get their best stuff from blogs just like this one.

I'd say that there are bloggers around writing and reporting on this election with far more credibility than paid journalists!

Osumashi Kinyobe said...

I personally would like the entire House of Commons ejected from Canada but your list was good enough.
Joe Volpe- lose that whiner.
Everyone from the Bloc Quebecois- it shouldn't even be a party.
What about Layton? He and his wife stayed in housing meant for low-income families. When did they experience it rough?

Anonymous said...

My List would include:
Landslide Annie,
Svend and Hedy (sounds like a vaudeville act)
Personally, I'd enjoy seeing the NDP as the Official Opposition, and Belinda and Brison both re-elected to the much reduced, 4th-party status Liberals

Anonymous said...

What about Stephen Harper? I mean, the NCC been without a president for how many years now? You keeping his seat open for him or what?

Monkey Loves to Fight said...

Here's mind and I know Gerry or other Tories won't like these, but hey I am not a neo-Conservative, but centre-right

1. Stockwell Day - Anti-abortion, called homosexuality immoral, apologized to the Americans for Canada abstaining from the Iraq War.

2. Cheryl Gallant - The louse mouth anti-Abortionist and homophobic MP

3. Nina Grewal - another homophobic MP and wife of the scandlous Gurmant Grewal

4. Gary Lunn - stated that Canada should always join the United States in every imperialist war they launch.

5. Tom Wappel - a LINO (liberal in name only) whose whole purpose in politicis is to ban abortion. Also refused to help a veteran because he didn't vote for him

6. Andre Bellevance - Refused to give out Canadian flags on Remembrance Day because, well he is a separtist

7. Vic Toews - an annoying justice critic who believes the US style war on Drugs is the solution, strong opponent of SSM and for using the notwithstanding clause and wants to base the law on biblical principles, not the Charter.

8. Jason Kenney - another staunch social conservative and pro-American MP.

9. Maurice Vellacott another anti-abortionist MP

10. Joy Smith - broke down in tears during the debate on SSM since she missed her daughter's graduation to deny gay and lesbian rights. I would only miss a family member's graduation if it was something like a budget vote, certainly not to impose my bigotry on others.

And BTW, I am only a Liberal since the far right Canadian Alliance swallowed up the former Progressive Conservatives. I fully support Scott Brison, Keith Martin, and Belinda Stronach's decision to defect. I am a Canadian conservative - learn about its history, stop importing American style neo-conservatism that has no history in Canada and no place here.

Monkey Loves to Fight said...

Actually I think we need more people like Bonnie Brown and Carolyn Parrish. I am sick and tired as a Canadian of right wingers going on about how awful our nation is and why we must bend over and kiss uncle sum's ass. Well guess what, I am Canadian and I don't want to be American or adopt the reckless, extreme policies. The United States is a rogue nation and no friend of Canada, so if relations detorioriate with the United States, thats their problem. If they cannot accept our differences, then tough. We are sovereign nation not a colony and unlike you colonized mindsets, I refuse to act like a member of a colony.

Wade Ranger said...

You cannot leave out McCallum and Pierre Pettigrew.