Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Liberal Attack Ads Stink

Everybody seems to be dumping on the Liberals lately, so why should I be any different.

So here goes: In my view the Liberal attack ads stink.

Now I have nothing against attack ads per se. In fact, they can be quite effective when employed properly.

The attack ads the Liberals ran in 2004, for instance, touched the right hot buttons – abortion, Iraq etc. They seemed to have a strategy behind them.

But these 2006 attack ads are less focused and seem just nasty for the sake of being nasty.

And is it really smart for the Liberals to attack Mike Harris in Ontario? Harris won back to back majority governments, so some Ontarians must still like him. Besides he’s been gone long enough for the nostalgic factor to kick in.

In other words, in attacking Harris the Liberals might drive Ontarians to support the Tories.

It seems to me that these ads are more designed to hold onto the Liberal core vote than they are to win over the undecided.

If that’s the case, then it's just another sign that Team Martin is in panic mode.


The Toronto Sun's Christina Blizzard makes a good point in Wednesday column about the Harris attack ads. Writes Blizzard: "The whiz kids who dreamed them up might want to consult with their star candidate and high profile turncoat in Newmarket-Aurora, Belinda Stronach. When she ran for the leadership of the Conservtive Party, Stronach was nominated by Harris. Not just that, a large number of Harris's inner circle worked on her campaign."


Monkey Loves to Fight said...

I think Harris was popular at the time in the 90s, but less so now. The problem with attacking Harris is it will prevent a breakthrough in Toronto, maybe help in Southwestern Ontario and Ottawa, but not in the crucial 905 belt where he was popular. Still I think they will work, however if the Tories hit back with equally nasty ones, they will cancel out the effect of the Liberal attack ads, since last time around the Tories never fought back.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Gerry re: Liberal attack ads targetting Mike Harris. If there's one thing Ontarians are longing for these days it's a politician that:

a) keeps his promises to them
b) does what he says he'll do
c) be a straight-shooter who doesn't think voters are dunderheads
d) provides a air of leadership and confidence and pride.

That was Harris, and that IS Harper.

There's still a huge contingent of Harrisites in Ontario who felt cheated by the pink Tories who never apologized for supporting Harris, who know what it means to stick to Conservative principles.

Anonymous said...

Mike Harris ...or the current Liberal Premier or the previous NDP Premier ??
I would pick Harris every time ....a man who keeps his word.
The Liberal attack ads are ugly lies that hopefully will spell the end of Paul Martin and his loyalists. The Liberals need cleansing ,,,as the young Trudeau claimed : many years in the wilderness ! That should do it . Quebecer Martin should retire to the Bahamas or wherever he flags his ships. He has dishonoured Canada , the Liberal Party and himself.

Anonymous said...

I certainly agree with the comments
about Mike Harris, that he always kept his word. So will Stephen Harper. These are men who dont' fuzz their words with a lot of
double talk. They mean what they say, and do it.
How anyone can support the Liberals after all the corruption,
lies and broken promices, is mind

drvsvs said...

These Liberals are really stupid, not only do they outright lie in the "Mike Harris" but they simply preach to the converted. The people that agree with it would never have voted conservative anyway. This just shows how desparate the fiberals really are.