Friday, April 17, 2009

Tory Political Correctness

It seems the people who run the Facebook pages for the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party and the Conservative Party of Canada want to ban my friend Chris Reid.


It's because his profile picture is a gun.

Here's the message they sent Chris: "ok chris i'm going to be as polite as possible but your profile picture has to go if you want to continue participating in the conservative facebook groups and think common sence (sic) should indicate my reasons . its simply not approiate (sic) and some users may find it threatening or offensive . i'm giving you 1 warning and 1 day to replace it with something else ."

Talk about gun control!

Anyway, Chris is asking people on Facebook who wish to protest this ban replace their profile picture for a day with a gun, and posting on the Ontario PC Party group page.

As Chris says it's "ridiculous" to censor people's profile pictures, especially when owning a gun is a constitutional right and a completely lawful object.


AToryNoMore said...

Whats the big deal?

Randy Hilliers website talks about brining back the spring bearhunt.

BTW the federal conservatives 'ducked out' on the abolition of the firearms registration a private members Bill C-301 and came up with their own S-5 senate bill. Same as the defunct C-24.

Why are conservatives hiding from gun owners. Politically speaking, they married them.

Anonymous said...

We can tell who you are by looking at the friends you keep.

Chris Reid, is a raging homosexual with the grudge against Conservatives that dumped him, who is dreaming of walking around downtown Toronto with a handgun concealed in his coat terrorising and everybody in his path.

You Gerry also seem to have a big grudge against Conservatives that dumped you as well so now it seems you are also dreaming about owning a permit for a concealed handgun.

Keep on posting Gerry.

Gerry Nicholls said...

Hey Anonymous:

Interesting that the best you Harper cultists can throw at me these days is homophobic bigotry.

What's wrong?

Getting desperate because polls show The Glorious Leader is fading?

Anonymous said...

The polls that you have mentioned are all cooked up by your "sexually diversified" friends, so it seems that all that the "Homo Cooked Polls"
cultists can throw at me these days are their own home brewed productions.
Good luck with that.
Only people who are confused about their own sexuality could be so confused politically that they cheer for people representing ideas that are opposite to their own.

"Loyal to the Core' you might be Gerry, but your loyalty belongs to BIG HOMO lobby of Canada. These Consevative "principles" that you keep on bragging about so much on the Internet seems to be just a poorly developed disguise that keeps on slipping off your face all the time.

Keep posting Gerry.

Gerry Nicholls said...


When your IQ hits 100 - sell.

bigcitylib said...

So, did they boot you and Chris off Facebook?

Gerry Nicholls said...

Hi BigCity Lib:

Nope so far Chris and I are still in the group.

Anonymous said...

"especially when owning a gun is a constitutional right"

No it isn't. Stop lying.

Chris Reid said...

If people could maybe separate themselves from blind partisanship for two seconds and read our constitution it would go along ways to having a useful discussion. The Magna Carta is a part of our Constitution, unless you can point to a constitutional ammendment that eliminates it.
The Magna Carta is a document that ended citizens from being slaves of the crown, to having inalieble rights, making the crown servants of the citizenry. Specified in the Magna Carta is the right to bear arms to protect ones property.

"Big Homo Lobby" - I love it. If only I had a lobby group to back me up!

Also, a grudge against the conservatives? I still advocated for people to vote conservative in the 2008 election after being removed as a candidate.