Monday, April 06, 2009

Arresting 185,925 Canadians?

Pierre Lemieux has written a chilling piece on how Canadian gun control laws turn peaceful, law-abiding citizens into criminals.

He also notes how the Conservative government's proposed Long-Gun Registry Repeal Act will do nothing to change the situation.


Anonymous said...

Of course it won't change squat. Anything that did would be shot down by the anti-gun opposition. This is mearly a move to placate uninformed gun owners who have been furious with the Conservatives for selling them out to court center-left urban voters.

The CPC called my house yesterday asking for a donation and I told them that Harper and his cronies sold out gun owners and I would not be giving to the party until he changed his ways AND appologized or was removed.

The Libertarian party can have my money this year.

At-least I'll lose my rights with honor intact.

Anonymous said...

Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss.

Gun owners might as well simply accept that they are going to going to be criminals if they choose to own guns.

Once they accept that fact then they can buy & own guns in a manner that frees them from the B.S. laws that Ottawa keeps cranking out.