Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Defending Tory Unity

I must have hit a nerve with my suggestion last week concerning the Conservative Party's unity.

Today's National Post contains not one but two rebuttals to my thesis.

Here's one, here's the other.

The writers put forward interesting arguments, but I remain unconvinced.


Anonymous said...

Gerry - since you are not a member of the Conservative Party and have NEVER been a member of the Conservative Party what credentials, exactly do you claim to have to prognosticate on the Conservative Party?

Real conservatives who are involved at the grass roots instead of on the outside looking in like you are would like to know.

Suzanne said...


I caught part of your interview on Michael Coren last night.

You said that if people are dissatisfied with the CPC, they should stop sending them money. I agree.

But there's one more important thing.

They should express their disenchantment with the party. Take those "business reply" envelopes and send them a letter.

If more people did that, maybe the party would respond.