Friday, April 24, 2009

Is Canada left wing?

Check out my latest posting over at the Women's Post.

I wonder about the conventional wisdom about Canada being a "left wing country."


Charles said...

I think Canada is far more left than we on the right are willing to admit.
I was working in our local Conservative candidate's office on the last election and listened while 3-4 people (campaign workers) drooled all over themselves about the prospect of Obama being the next possible president,(rather than Hillary). I suggested that Obama and Hillary are very left leaning indeed and would be quite comfortable in the left of the Liberals or even the NDP here in Canada, and it was like I had blasphemed Jesus' name or something; angry stares, uncomfortable silence, etc.etc. I decided to just keep quiet and try to infiltrate the Conservatives even more next election as I could see that we are long on name but short on conservative thought or insight.
I think a lot of this has to do with second, third and forth generation party loyalties; my mom and dad vote Conservative but I could never get a straight answer as to why my mom votes the way she does other than "our family has always voted Conservative", and dad just says that he "doesn't like the Liberals" (for no particular reason).
I would suggest that there are many families just like mine all over Canada, and consider the people who volunteer to help campaigns for a Conservative candidates who have difficulty understanding conservative principles or even caring to learn.
Regretably I think the leadership of the Conservative party is more "pragmatic" than Conservative, and they are willing to throw principles to the wind if they feels threatened by the left.
The only real solid party loyalty I see is with the Liberals who can always get people to vote for them with a new program or maybe a little bit of someone elses money handed to them printed on a government cheque.
Regretably that is how I see our Canada.

Anonymous said...

Oh Nicholls, you know it's hardly as simple as left or right, even adding up and down isn't enough to cover what people value and how they wish government to act.

AToryNoMore said...

I wonder why people now do not like to use the terms left or right?

How could you possibly ever describe any political party opr their policy?

When people say that they are conservative, I have to ask what kind of a conservative they are, federal or provincial. What leader did they favour and what years, what circumstances.

It is the only way to uncover what they are on the political spectrum, as conservatives have had so many name changes and makeovers. I am never sure what any individual conservative stands for anymore and I don't think they they do either.

Stephen said...

Hi Gerry,

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Anonymous said...

The country is left wing because the left wingers say it is. There motto is " fake it, until you make it!"

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 3:45 PM said:
The country is left wing because the left wingers say it is. There motto is " fake it, until you make it!"--------

BINGO! Any lie told often enough and by enough people becomes the truth. (Especially for those who want to believe it is the truth?) Perceptibly and for awhile, at least.

The ability of any charismatic and politically-opportunistic individual (or organized collective of human parrots being led by one or a few) to expertly employ the combined marketing strategies of "Tell them what they already wanted to hear/believe anyway", "Nonsensus Consensus" (copyright Petr Skrabanek, R.I.P.) and "Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics" has always enabled their successfully achieving their goal to "Divide and Conquer" all others.
Perceptibly and for awhile, at least.

Oh, yes, and if such a charismatic and politically-opportunistic individual (or collective herd) additionally happen to be directly or indirectly taxpayer-funded (ie: co-dependent on arranged marriages to mutually-backscratching partners who are publicly privileged with legislative authority), this marketing phenomena can prove an exponentially-multiplied guarantee of their mutual success.
Perceptibly and for awhile, at least.

...Until one honest, clear voice finally breaks the politically correct code of silence inevitably self-imposed by voluntary entry into any state of altered reality which disallows dissent or denies self-removal -- and suddenly shocks everyone else back into a state of reality, by saying:

"But LOOK - the Emperor isn't wearing any clothes!"

Long overdue. Expect it soon.

"You can fool some of the people all the time and all of the people some of the time, but you can't fool all of the people all of the time." (or forever).

Gerry Nicholls said...


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Anonymous said...

Canada is clearly left wing! Our health care system is the poster boy of left wing thinking followed by child care payments. Disgusting!

Anonymous said...

"I wonder about the conventional wisdom about Canada being a "left wing country."

Thoughts rattling around in that empty head of yours can hardly be considered "conventional wisdom."