Friday, April 17, 2009

Not a Harper fan

Anybody who thinks I am too critical of Prime Minister Stephen Harper should check out this guy's comments.


Anonymous said...

You seem to have linked to the comments section rather than the post itself.

He's right though. Harper has to go. What a sell out.

Anonymous said...

And what does it help to go off like that, or write a book like you did?

Do we really believe you or he would vote for Iggnatief or Layton?

Anonymous said...

Please explain how will linking to frothing rants bolsters anyone's personal credibility?

AToryNoMore said...

Harper never had the royal jelly of party leadership, regardless of what anyone says. He is awkward.

Harper might have brought everyone in the party together, but did he never made them one. Nope. Too many groups. Hence, upset folks and this is the result you get with the polls.

I hope polls hold for a conservative loss. When Harper is gone and Prentice is the leader I just may return to participate in a glorious and revived party.

Patience my dear friends, patience, we are nearing a new political dawn.