Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Me on TV

Here's me making an important point on the Michael Coren Show.
The point I was trying to make, of course, was "Buy my book!".


Anonymous said...

No one is paying attention Gerry.

I for one, like most, will not be buying your book.

Bob said...

Gerry, you may have something interesting to say...but everytime I see a blog posted by you I disregard it. You come across as a media wh@@re. Sorry for the strong language, but that's the best description.
Honest advice, back off on the media alerts and engage more in dialoge and discussion. It's not all about you.


Anonymous said...

Hey anonymous: You are a stupid head. How can you say no one is paying attention when in fact you are? OK, you are not buying the book. Hey everybody Anonymous is not buying Gerry's book!!! Pattipage

Anonymous said...

Bob, there is a solution to your little problem; stop punishing yourself and go away.

Anonymous said...


Whenever I have a look at the BT site, I always play a little game with myself: Virtually every post by the Nocollsian One begins with 'I'.

Today I was fooled. The first word wasn't 'I' was, er 'Me'

I think we're making some progress here pal.

Anonymous said...

Remember Gerry you are supposed to be kissing Harper's ass.