Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Pork Report

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation has come out with a report exposing the wasteful spending practices of the Western Economic Diversification department.

Called 22 years of pork barrel spending, the CTF report explains how much of the WED spending is more about politics than it is about economic diversification.

It's just the nature of the beast.

And by the way, the Conservative government plans to create two more regional development funds agencies — one for Northern Canada and for Southern Ontario.

So that means taxpayers can expect to roll out even more pork barrels.


Anonymous said...

Whhaaattt Canadian politicians screwing their constituents by doing exactly what the opposite that the party base voted policies should be?

Phil said...

$3.5 billion over 22 years or $106.00 per capita or
not quite 5 bucks a year. I'm underwhelmed.
Over that same 22 years the per capita cost for farm subsidies (here in Sask) is about 10 grand, yet the CTF has no problem whatsoever with that business welfare.
Gerry, surely you don't take those hypocritical clowns seriously,... do you?