Friday, April 17, 2009

Ignatieff's Manifesto

Check this excerpt from Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff's book True Patriot Love:

America and Canada are both free nations. But our freedom is different: There is no right to bear arms north of the 49th parallel, and no capital punishment, either; we believe in collective rights to language and land, and, in our rights culture, these can trump individual rights. Not so south of the border. Rights that are still being fought for south of the border — public health care, for example — have been ours for a generation.

What Ignatieff is essentially saying is that our freedom is that we have no freedom.

It's sad that this is what passes for "Liberal" these days.


ridenrain said...

“The rights of man come not from the generosity of the state but from the hand of God”.

It's sad that vision was one of the things he left behind when he moved back here to be our PM.

Anonymous said...

So why did he spend so much time in the States and England if we are so wonderful?

johndoe124 said...

How is "public health care" a right? How can it possibly be a right to impose personal responsibilities on others? Is this what he also thinks about child-care, that parents have the "right" to impose responsibility for their children on others?

The guys's a flake. Just goes to show that an education and a few books doesn't necessarily mean you know what you're talking about nor does it mean that you believe in your subject, kind of like the atheist who gets a theology degree.

You're absolutely right, Gerry, there is no longer true freedom in this country. But, hey, Harper isn't Conservative enough so I guess this is the next best thing, eh?

AToryNoMore said...

Anonymous said...
So why did he spend so much time in the States and England if we are so wonderful?

4:53 PM

AToryNoMore says:

Some conservatives support globalization and free markets. Just not the academic ones.

Hmmmm! Why did I spend so much time with here supporting Conservatives?

AToryNoMore said...

Some conservatives love free markets and globalization. Just not the imtellectual kind.

Ignatieff gives us the international perspective, just like Barak Obama who lived in a number of places. I love cosmo people! They are so urbane!