Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Ignatieff on the leadership scale

Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff is a relatively better leader than Stephane Dion.

But that's not saying much; my mouse pad is a relatively better leader than Dion.

The real question is, how does Ignatieff rate in absolute terms on the leadership scale?

Well, the answer is not that great.

I mean, the one time he actually ran for the leadership, as opposed to having the crown handed to him on a silver platter, Dion beat him.

That should tell you something.

And now it seems, he has committed one of the worse of all political sins: he is talking about raising taxes.

Political observers refer to this act as "Going Walter Mondale."

No doubt the writers in the Tory war room's "negative ad department" are high fiving each other with glee right about now.

Maybe the Liberals should have had a leadership race after all.


Anonymous said...

Hey the Tories are now in love with deficits, they'll probably say that Iggy's tax hikes don't go far enough and need to be even higher.

Low tax's and balanced budgets just aren't' hip any more.

Anonymous said...

It's a long way until the next election and much can happen. Someone needs to post Mr Ignatieff's published thought on line so we can get the message out across this country.
The most important decision any leader makes is who he hires to serve him.
That is Mr Ignatieff's biggest failure because some of choices are so tainted with back room corruption he can't do a cover up.
So for his most telling attribute; that of who he hires, I give him a big "F".
I'm not Anonymous
mel wilde

flaggman said...

Iggy's vision of Canada is that of an Ivy League grad student. Canada is not a collection of individuals looking to live good lives; it is a socialist fantasyland in which everyone buys in to the nanny state, where the risks of life have been eliminated, and everyone is taken care of by big brother.

If Iggy spoke to actual Canadian people, he would realize that his outlook is both out-to-lunch, and politically DOA.

jckirlan said...

gkad to see your back on the team attacking the Libs and not the CPC.

WL Mackenzie Redux said...

"whip me, beat me, tax me and deplete my take-home pay....I've been a naughty liberal selfishly thinking of only my family's welfare first...I must atone! Tax me further oh great light-bringer of the church of kleptomania."

If that doesn't sound like anyone west of Rosedale, then I think Iggy is going after a very small and affluent constituency.

Brian Gardiner said...

Love his logic - taxes are bad for the economy so I'm going to raise them.

"Instead of the never-ending Brian Heinz Mulreiber debacle, Michael Ignatieff and Stephen Harper should be tried for economic treason against Canada."


Craig said...

Is it really true that raising taxes is unpopular?
If so, how did they get so high in the first place?

Anonymous said...

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