Friday, December 08, 2006

Tolerance Liberal-style

As noted in a previous post, Bob Rae would have been a more formidable opponent for Prime Minister Stephen Harper, than Stephane Dion.

So why didn't Rae win the Liberal leadership race?

Was it because of his disastrous record as Ontario Premier? Was it because he was a big spender and taxer? Was it because he swam naked with Rick Mercer?


It now seems Rae's big drawback with many Liberals was that he married a Jewish woman!

According to media reports: "Bob Rae was apparently the target of anti-Semitic attacks and it may be one of the reasons the front runner failed to win his bid to take over as the party's new boss."

OK will somebody out there please explain to me how it is the Liberals can claim to be the party of tolerance?

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Miles Lunn said...

I disagree. I think his win had a lot to do with many Ontario being uncomfortable with his past. Lets remember many of the Ontario Liberal delegates actually ran campaigns for the Liberals fighting hard against him when he was a Dipper, so off course they wouldn't want him to be their leader. David Peterson who got defeated by Bob Rae certainly wouldn't. I also was talking to one former Liberal MP on the train back from Montreal who remembers running against when he was an NDPer federally and would never forgive him for this.