Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Ministry of Christmas Miracles

Thanks to "anonymous" for giving me an idea for an op-ed I wrote which appears in today's Vancouver Sun.

A about two weeks ago, I posted on this blog about how I wishing for a Christmas miracle, in the form of cash, to help me pay some bills I was facing.

Anyway, good old anonymous piped in the comments section with this opinion:

"Hmm, does that mean you want a handout Me thinkest thou should practice what thou preaches. Funny about you conservative types, when its about you, you want freebies or handouts when its the rest of the world you want conservative policies."

This got me thinking about what would happen if Christmas miracles really were government handouts.

This led to the oped "The Ministry of Christmas Miracles" which you can read here.

Thanks again to anonymous and Merry Christmas to you.

Media Update:

I will be discussing this topic Focus 980 on CFPL London at about 11:15 AM EST and on Newsline on CFAX Victoria at about noon EST.

Media Update 2

Will be talking about this on Adler Online on Wednesday at about 2:15 PM EST.

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