Friday, December 08, 2006

Into the Trough Once More

I see where Ontario's Integrity Commissioner says Ontario MPPs deserve a big raise.

Why do they deserve a pay raise?

Is it because they are doing more work? Is it because they have more responsiblity? Is it because they are doing such a great job?


It's because Ontario MPs make more money than they do. Federal backbench MPs make about $147,000 a year, wheras provincial MPPs must make do with "only" $88,000.

And that's how political renumeration works. Your pay isn't decided on how well you do your job, it's based on how much money some other guy is getting.

MPs whined and cried that American Senators made more than they did, to justify giving themselves a pay raise. Then city councillors whined and cried that MPs made more than they did, to justify giving themselves pay raise and now MPPs are whining and crying that everybody gets more than they do, so they should have a raise.

Then, of course, American Senators will whine and cry that they should make more than Canadian MPs and so the vicious circle will continue.

What all these politicians forget is that they work for taxpayers. And since we are their bosses, maybe we should have a say in their pay.

Maybe we should hold a referendum everytime politicians want to give themselves a raise. Or another idea would be to allow politicians to give themselves a raise with the understanding that it will not take effect until after the next election.

That way at least taxpayers will have some say in the matter.

In the meantime, maybe our politicians should try and earn a pay raise.

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Anonymous said...

The politicians say they need to have a big raise so as to attract better people to run. We have heard that excuse many times when they have given themselves a huge raise. They could make $200,000 a year and you would still have the same low lifes running for election and we stupid people will still continue to elect them.