Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Taking on the Union Bosses

Lots of unionized employees don't like the socialist dribble their union bosses like to spew out.

Case in point is Brian who calls himself a "grudging CAW member".

Brian believes in things like free enterprise and individual freedom and he doesn't believe union bosses should use his forced dues to promote their propaganda.

Anyway, he recently wrote an essay for the Western Standard writing contest warning of the dangers of CAW boss Buzz Hargrove's radical agenda.

And although Brian didn't win, it's still a good piece. You can read it here.

By the way, I am not just recommending this essay because Brian mentions me in it, but it sure helps.

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Miles Lunn said...

I use to be a member of UFCW and as much as I didn't agree with their political agenda, I figured it wasn't really worthing getting too worked up over. Most of my co-workers wouldn't vote NDP, but were still big supporters of the union due to the benefits it provided in terms of job security and benefits to employees. It is really the political activism of unions that is the problem, although considering union donations are banned federally, they have far less clout than they did a few years back as do corporations as well. In fact politics today is far more grassroots than it was a few years back.