Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Putting Down the Upper Chamber

Prime Minister Stephen Harper is introducing legislation today to help make the Senate more accountable and democratic.

Good move.

Having an unelected Senate is like a bald guy with a comb-over: it's an embarrassment that doesn't do any good.

The National Citizens Coalition is preparing a campaign on this issue.

Media Upate

I just did an interview on French CBC-TV on this issue and will be doing an interview on Adler Online at approximately 4:40 PM EST.

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Miles Lunn said...

I would prefer they abolish it altogether, although an elected senate is better than an appointed one.

That being said I think Dion is right when he says fixing Alberta and BC's under representation is more pressing. Alberta and BC having fewer senators than New Brunswick and Nova Scotia despite having 4-5 times the population. I think Harper's ideas are good ones, but his approach is reckless. Much like with the Canadian Wheat Board, I support his end goal, but disagree with the process. Harper needs to slow down and do things more methodically