Wednesday, September 06, 2006

What do the Greens Really Want?

Political environmentalism is all the rage these days.

Each Liberal leadership candidate, for instance, is eager to prove his or her green credentials. The Green Party is supposedly on the surge, threatening to displace the NDP as Canada's eco-party. It's even got to the point where enviro-friendly rhetoric has made a star out of Al Gore!

But what is their real motivation?

Is it to protect our environment or is it simply a desire for power over others?

Writer and broadcaster John Robson ponders this question in an excellent column, The real Meaning of Green.

Says Robson: "Too often concern for the environment is simply a cover for wanting control, an orc-like impulse to seize, regiment and crush. Too many Greens are green because they hate people, not because they love nature."

As Robson points out, it's the societies that are most regimented and controlled that are also the most polluted.

In other words, the greens are just too red.

H/T Brigitte Pellerin

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