Thursday, September 21, 2006

Chavez Helps the GOP

It's interesting to see liberal Democrats taking President George Bush's side after Hugo Chavez's "Bush is the devil" speech at the United Nations.

House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi even called Chavez a "thug".

What this says to me is the Democrats are worried Chavez's attack speech will likely galvanize Americans around Bush and so help the Republicans.

So it makes sense for Democrats to distance themselves from the Venezuelan leader.

But I wonder if the pro-Bush talk will anger the left-wing Democrats who likely support Chavez's take?

Actually, I'm not wondering about it at all. I know it will anger the left.

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Miles Lunn said...

Even as a right winger by Canadian standards I hope the Democrats win. What many on the right in Canada forget, is the Democrats are not left wing by Canadian standards. They would be much like the Old PCs, so hardly left wing, while the Republicans are to the right of any mainstream Canadian political party. If one wants better relations with the United States electing a Republican president won't help as any PM who gets cozy to one will suffer at the polls.