Thursday, September 07, 2006

Jack's Hidden Agenda

Thanks to Stephen Taylor, all of Canada got a sneak peek at NDP policy resolutions that were to be debated at the party’s convention this weekend.

It was not a pretty sight.

In fact, these resolutions revealed just how wacky it is these days in Left-Wing Land.

One resolution compared Canadian troops to terrorists (since rescinded) others called for the nationalization of just about every company and industry, and one actually called for an official “Transgender Day”.

Check here for an interesting summary.

But I wonder how the media will react to all this.

Will they portray the NDP as an extremist party or its leader Jack Layton as “scary”?

Will they begin to wonder if the NDP has a “hidden agenda?”

No, probably not.

That kind of treatment is apparently reserved for Conservative parties.

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Miles Lunn said...

I think the Liberals would talk about the NDP's hidden agenda if that was their main competition. The only go after the Conservatives more than the Dippers since that is their main competition. In Ontario during the 90s, the provincial Liberals mostly attacked the NDP, but after Harris was elected that switched to the Tories. Its always been the case of parties attacking their main opponent, not a party that has no chance at winning and poses no threat.