Thursday, September 07, 2006

NCC Sending Support Our Troops Ribbon to NDP

Here's a news release I just sent out:

The National Citizens Coalition is sending a complimentary “Support our Troops” car magnet to NDP MP Jean Crowder, who’s riding association proposed a resolution accusing Canadians soldiers of “acting like terrorists.”

“We are pleased that distasteful resolution was withdrawn,” says NCC vice president Gerry Nicholls, “and we hope Crowder will proudly display our car magnet to show that she and her association do truly appreciate the sacrifices our soldiers are making to defend our freedoms.”

Ordinarily the “Support our Troops” magnets are sent to people who donate to a special fund the NCC has set up to financially help the families of soldiers killed in combat.

“We set up this fund as a way of giving thanks to the men and women in our military who are risking their lives,” says Nicholls. “It’s non-political. We are not taking a stand on the war, but we think it’s important our troops know Canadians support them.”

That’s why Nicholls says the NDP proposed resolution comparing our troops to terrorists was so repugnant.

“The NDP resolution comparing our troops to terrorists was contemptible,” says Nicholls. “And the NDP should be ashamed for even considering it.”

Media Update:

I just did interviews on this issue with Charles Adler of Adler Online and with Gary Doyle of the Gary Doyle Show.


Anonymous said...

What can you expect from NDP people? They are in a world of there own:no room for thought.that would use brain cells that are scarce or not there.Lets face it to support they are sick,sick people.

leftdog said...

The National Citizens Coalition is an extremist Right wing lobby group with an agenda that does not reflect the values and goals of most Canadians. They have their little ribbon, we offer something that is much MORE in tune with the attitude of the silent majority of Canadians.

Support our Troops Bring Them Home

syncrodox said...


As per any other time I've had the misfortune to run across your drivel the point is easily proven.

Your tune isn't working....that is the link is as hollow as your innards.

Silent indeed.

But I will take the opportunity to offer you another ribbon. A blue one.

In the road building business a blue ribbon denotes grade. That is to say that we dump dirt up to the blue ribbon on the stakes.

Tie it around your forehead.


Rob said...

Leftdog, if only you were a member of the Silent Majority. Idiots like you love to accuse anyone of having a differing view as "extremist". Lovely. And a titch intolerant there dogface.

leftdog said...

Even the left leaning Calgary Sun agrees with me.

Calgary Sun

The MAJORITY of Canadians do not buy your extreme right wing brain candy ( they don't like your war either). Enjoy harpers short term at 24 Sussex Drive.

The truth hurts for you. Deal with it.

syncrodox said...


Is that the best you can do? Weak. But this is to be expected from an apologist piss ant such as yer bad ass self.

Go save some seals. Hell, bring them home and carpet train them.

When yer up to yer ass in seal shit do ya think ya can find a way to blame Harper?

Thought not.



P.S. Thanks for the effort Mike. I got sidetracked with this troll, but appreciate your efforts.

And that is the point.

syncrodox said...

Gerry bad.. I was elsewhere.


leftdog said...

syncro said " bad.. I was elsewhere.

We are not sure on what planet syncro was - but regardless - since only 38% of Canadians voter for harper and his numbers have not grown in the last 7 months (AND fell 9% in Quebec) the best you right wingers can hope for is minority government - there will be NO majority. Canadians are sick of the nasty tone and anger from Conservatives as you just demonstrated.

If the Conservatives and ALL of their little lackey mouthpieces (like the nutbars at the CTF and this site) you would be better off to drop the NASTY angry rhetoric and maybe try and lighten up - a smile might help - and then drop all of your Bush imitating right wing nut bar ideology - maybe then your guys might win a few extra votes.

Angry tories scare most canadians and that is why 62% did not vote for Harper .

Anonymous said...


Your support for the troops is nothing but utter bullshit. You and your leftie ilk is making political hay on the backs of our fighting troops and our dead. You have never, ever had a kind thought for Canadian troops, and no one believes you and the other lefties have kind thoughts now. I'll give you some credibility if you've served your country - but none of you ever have or ever will. Until then, keep your mockery and insincerity for the lefty circle-jerks you all enjoy. You do NOT represent the silent majority.

leftdog said...

the truth hurts - and your anger is scaring off potential voters.

Anonymous said...

For someone who has an insult and a label for anyone who thinks differently than he does, leftpuppy sure spends alot of time wasting good blog space.

Have fun in Montreal dipper. There's a good reason the NDP will NEVER see the light of the Office of the PMO. More sentiment like those offered by leftpuppy provides proof.

Anonymous said...

Hey Gerry - Looks like even school kids in Ottawa and their teaachers are on the side of our troops. Check out Sunday's Ottawa Sun "Support For Troops in Fashion" to find out that kids in this board will be wearing red on Fridays to support our troops. Apparently THEY GET IT!!

Perhaps the left need to take a cue from the kiddies?

TonyGuitar said...

Ignore Leftdog.

With the pressure of $billions in proven Liberal party fraud and a pointless bout of musical leaderless chairs, it is no wonder leftdogs are reduced to gnashing of teeth.

Logic never was a trait of the National Dipstick Party either. = TG