Saturday, September 30, 2006

A Uniform History

As readers of this blog may know, my favorite sport is baseball.

Part of the reason for this, I think, is I enjoy the game's rich history.

So I was delighted to discover an online exhibit from the Baseball Hall of Fame, on baseball uniforms.

Yes it is exciting!

Through this exhibit, you can learn about the "parts of the uniform" or the history of baseball uniforms or best of all you can find out what uniforms players were wearing during any year for the past 100 years.

For instance, here's what American League players were wearing in 1901.

Cool eh?

And I am no fashion expert, but perusing all this info, it seems to me the worst uniform look of all time was the Houston Astros of 1975 a close second was the Chicago White Sox of 1977. Mind you just about all the uniforms were bad in the 1970s.

Some say the 1939 Washington Senators had the most boring uniforms of all time.

As for me, I love the classic look: white uniforms at home, grey on the road.

Just check out the New York Yankees, for instance, haven't changed since 1936.

Now that's tradition and tradition is what baseball is all about.

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