Thursday, September 21, 2006

Rae's Ravings

Bob Rae doesn't think his disastrous record as Ontario premier would be an issue should he lead the Liberal Party into the next election.

Indeed, when asked by reporters if the Conservatives would attack that record, here's how he responded:

"I think it absolutely wouldn't work and it would be about as relevant as my spending an entire campaign talking about Stephen Harper's career as president of the National Citizen's Coalition. I don't think that's what the next election is going to be about."

Personally I would hope Rae would talk about Harper's career as president of the National Citizens Coalition -- it would be good advertising for us.

But I doubt he will, because when Harper was our president, he didn't drive our organization into the red and leave it a fiscal disaster area.

And unfortunately, that's how Rae left Ontario.

H/T Political Staples

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