Friday, September 01, 2006

Jack Layton Vs. The Mutant Carrot!

I received this perceptive email this morning:

Dear Gerry,

Layton's latest suggestion that the gov't should negotiate with the Taliban got me thinking about what it would be like if Layton led the negotiations personally.

I thought as one of our top 5 political minds (and probably the best sense of humour among them) you might be able to have a little fun deciding how this hypothetical negotiation would go.

All the best,

M.B. Windsor, Ontario

Dear M.B.:

As you probably already know from a previous posting, I am not a big fan of negotiating with terrorists.

And I think those who do, such as Jack Layton, suffer from an acute case of Silly Scientist Syndrome.

Silly Scientist Syndrome -- a term I made up about two seconds ago --- refers to a staple character of 1950s science fiction movies: the scientist who always wanted to negotiate or reason with the mutant, alien, blood-drinking carrot.

Even though the mutant carrot ate half the population of Newark, New Jersey and boasted it would conquer our world, the silly scientist always thought the creature was simply misunderstood.

Anyway, the carrot always ended up devouring the silly scientist.

So you see Layton is not really that bad a guy; he has just decided to turn himself into a sci-fi plot device.

I say, let Layton negotiate with the carrots and see let's see what happens.

And remember keep watching the skies.

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