Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mixing religion and politics

Check out my latest column in the National Post.

It's about Prime Minister Harper, so cons and politics.


Anonymous said...

Excellent column Gerry! It's a sign of desperation by the opposition. Their in full fight mode, but I'm betting they'll not want to fight an election based on the EKOs poll today with Harper 10 points ahead.

dollops said...

Gerry, since becoming PM, Harper has had a crash course in human perfidity so it is quite possible that the pragmatic politician you knew has edged toward the Christian viewpoint. Of course he won't wave a bible at public appearances because the Godless media would slaughter him, but if his *hidden agenda* is to do the right thing Christians of all denominations will support him. To quibblers, the right thing is well known and not in dispute, only the selfish and arrogant seek something other than the right thing on every issue - think about it.

Anonymous said...

C,mon dollops,tell us please what is the right thing???Please please tell us what the right thing is and then we can do it ,just for you and Gerry.

Anonymous said...

Gerry, I suggest you find out the definition of "Evangelical Christian" before you claim that Stephen Harper isn't one. He most certainly is. He left the United Church years ago and is a member of the Christian and Missionary Alliance Church, an evangelical denomination. The meaning of Evangelical Christianity has nothing to do with politics or the "Christian Right". There is nothing wrong with Harper being an Evangelical. It just means he's a Bible-believing Christian. What Marci McDonald got wrong was to label him as a member of the Christian-Right, of which he most certainly isn't.

You should have done a bit more research before writing a column that assumed that two different groups, the Christian Right and Evangelicals, are one group. One group, the evangelicals, are one of the largest and fastest-growing religious groups in Canada. The other, the Christian-Right is a small group of politically obsessed fundamentalist groups. I don't think those of us who are evangelical, appreciate this ignorance often displayed by journalists.