Saturday, May 22, 2010

Libertarianism and religion

Paul McKeever, a libertarian's libertarian, discusses my recent National Post column.

Note the scary picture.


Joe said...

From my experience the most politically active "Christians" are those on the left of the political spectrum. Most evangelical Christians tend to avoid politics while the UCC, Anglican etc are firmly on the left. You could sit for years in an evangelical church and never hear a political theme while you would be hard pressed to sit through a month in the UCC or Anglican church before you hear a call to political action somewhere.

Gordie Canuk said...

Actually the bible thumpers vote overwhelmingly conservative, in similar proportion to the way the born again fringe supported Dubya stateside. You're right about the old gaurd protestant denominations - United, Anglican, Presbyterian, Methodist - but their numbers aren't significant anymore. The difference in Canada is that fundamentalists don't make up as much of the population as they do in the US

Anonymous said...

Hilarious, another Ayn Rand groupie, espousing views they don't understand. Ayn Rand was commissioned by Rothschild to write the 'Ilumanist manifesto.' Few have read her work and a lot less understand what she is really saying. Obviously, McKeever is one of them. (real conservative)

Hugh MacIntyre said...

I'm sure he would want someone to point out that he's not a libertarian, he is an Objectivist.

Paul McKeever said...

Gerry: I missed this posting of yours until today. "Scary picture". Ha! Yes, I suppose, though scariness wasn't my aim: Given the A is Not A nature of the article, the oddly-coloured half of your face is - you guessed it - the inverted/negative image.

Hugh: thank-you. I suppose it's safe to say, alternatively, that I'm a libertarian's Objectivist.

Cheers Gerry/all,