Saturday, March 13, 2010

NCC Creates Worst Video of all time

Sometimes I am critical of my old friends at the National Citizens Coalition, mainly because since I left the group it has done nothing but go down hill.

But I have to admit they recently accomplished something quite spectacular: they have managed to produce the worst political video of all time.

I mean it. This video is the Plan 9 from Outer Space of political videos.

It's so bad, it's hard to single out its worst feature.

Is it NCC president Peter Coleman's hilariously speedy yet monotone delivery; is it the odd edits; is it the "man on the street" interview with a lunatic; is it the completely fake interaction between the "anchor" and the "street reporter," is it the letters from "Doug", "John" and "Dave", or is it the fact that the video starts out talking about the Alberta budget but ends up interviewing people in downtown Toronto?

You decide.


Anonymous said...

Wow, where did they find that guy? I can see it now, hey you on the corner wanna make a quick $100 for an hours work? (real conservative)

Anonymous said...

Worse yet, they are perpetuating the anti-HST populist crap. It's the only issue where they raise their lips from Harper, and it's the wrong one!

Anonymous said...

A train wreck!

Anonymous said...

It's all of the above. Actually I have watched it a few times because I find it entertaining.


Anonymous said...

The host has the charisma of a fire-hydrant, and they're interviewing people in Dundas Square about the Alberta budget?!?

This is terrible.

Anonymous said...

How about a blog entitled: Gerry Nicholls writes the worst political book of all time...

I think that would be a more fitting title.

How many copies have you sold again?

Do you really have nothing better to do than bash the NCC all day? Get a life.

educ8m said...

Can't be any worse than Stephane's