Friday, March 19, 2010

Flatten that tax

I don't like taxes of any sort, but if we can't slash them the next best thing to do is flatten them.

That's my clever way of introducing this column I wrote on the idea of a Flat Tax. It's posted over at Libertas Post.


AToryNoMore said...

I love the misfortune that the federal conservatives had this week, flip flops, bizarre ministers and all.

How about the economic double dip that didnt get mentioned. Huh!

Gwad...they can be stunned...I mean really, really stuned!

Mr. Lorne said...

I like it, Gerry.

You got my vote!

Thucydides said...

Introducing the flat or single tax has another benefit; the @ $3.5 billion spent on tax accounting and filling out tax forms will be released to more productive uses. This is enough resources to create @ 70,000 full time jobs without shifting a penny of government spending.

The flt or single tax also requires far fewer bureaucrats to administer, another potential saving which can be translated into tax reduction and further economic growth. Who is going to line up in support of tax collectors?

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking with a flat tax we would need like 25% of finance departments in governments across the country. This would free up a lot of highly trained (at taxpayer's expense of course), and experience accountants that could address our so-called shortage on the street in the finance profession. Or we could just keep importing people from India and Pakistan and China to take these jobs while we keep falling into debt. (real conservative)