Thursday, June 19, 2008

Dion's Challenge

I wonder if Stephane Dion's proposed carbon tax grab ...oops I mean tax "shift" will be to the Liberals what John Tory's faith-based school idea was to the Ontario Tories?

By proposing such a tax Dion is clearly taking a massive gamble.

Selling his idea of higher energy taxes to skeptical Canadians will require excellent communication skills.

And that means the first thing Dion will have to do is learn how to speak English.


Brian said...

Well sometimes "Shift Happens" !

Anonymous said...

Stop making me laugh when I have coffee in my mouth!!!

shift happens

islandconservative said...

How gullable does Citoyen Dion think Canadians are?

This is right up there with the $2 Mil Gun Registry!

Brian said...

Here is Dion on the "Shift Happens" circuit this summer !

Anonymous said...

The registry is still there isn't it? I doubt anyone has gone broke betting against Canadians trusting liberals.

Anonymous said...

Maybe he can bring on the carrot as his communications director. You know what they say, "keep your friends close and your enemies closer."

And forget Ignatieff, if he's gotta keep his eye on the ever dangerous carrot, he may as well put him to work.

Monkey Loves to Fight said...

It will be a tough sell, although if he emphasizes the income tax cuts portion it might work. As for his English, his vocabulary is fine, he just needs to work on his accent which is tough to understand. After all, I can barely understand someone from Ireland, Scottish Highlands, parts of Newfoundland, and even a few areas in the Deep South of the US despite the fact they speak the same language. And besides Gerry, what is your French like? We are after all a country with two official languages, not one.