Monday, June 09, 2008

Harper's phony apology

You know it's funny, I don't remember giving Prime Minister Stephen Harper permission to issue an apology on my behalf.

Yet it seems that's just what he is going to do on Wednesday in the House of Commons, issue an apology for past residential school abuses on behalf of all Canadians, including me.

Well, sorry Stephen, when it comes to residential schools I have nothing to apologize for.I didn't run, own or teach at a residential school, nor did I abuse any students in these schools. Mainly that's because all that stuff took place about 100 years before I was born!

Of course, some will argue there is such a thing as collective, historic guilt. In other words, I should feel guilty or remorseful for the alleged misdeeds of my ancestors.

But I don't.Just as I am sure modern day Italians don't feel remorseful or guilty about the fact that two thousand years ago their Roman ancestors fed Christians to the lions.

You see , as a conservative/libertarian I believe in personal responsibility. I am responsible for my own actions; not for the actions of others, especially if those others lived a hundred years ago.

That's not to say, politicians should never apologize.

In fact, I think there are lots of things politicians should be sorry for:

* They should regret not reforming our socialist health care system.

* They should apologize for taking nearly half of what Canadians earn in the form of taxes and using that money to finance an ever expanding and bloated government.

* They should rue the fact that their main concern is giving themselves super-rich pensions and big pay increases.

Will they ever apologize for any of this?


Prime Minister Harper would rather offer insincere, phony baloney apologies designed to pander to Canada's left-wing set -- the same people who believe the Western world is responsible for everything that's bad in this world from global warming, to racism to erectile dysfunction.

And no doubt, this crowd will applaud Harper for his apology stunt.

Some groups may even issue news releases praising him. But when election day comes around, not one of them will vote for him.

Meanwhile true conservatives, seeing how Harper is slowly evolving into a politically correct, big government statist might just start to abandon his party.

And if that happens, Harper could lose the next election.

Then he would truly be sorry.

Yes I know this blog posting is really just a rant.

And for that I apologize.


Johnathon said...

Your post might be a rant, but it's 100% true.

Harper is starting to act like a leftist loon.

I can't stand watching the performance anymore.

However, I will still vote for him.

Anonymous said...

Well..its being played as great move by CFRA's Michael Harris, who is no friend of any politician. I'm not sure what Mr Harper is supposed to do, to win a majority he has to do these sorts of things...wether you guys like it or not...most Canadians are not Conservative right wingers, and, this sort of thing plays with the 10% of undecided's. If you want a right wing conservative leader then be prepared to always have a right wing opposition leader. Its good politics and a smart move.

Iain G. Foulds said...

... Gerry, this is a great post, I do not accept Mr. Harper speaking for me either.
... It is a phony apology from the great conservative disgrace, Mr. Harper.
... This is an excelent example of the absurd nonsense of social collectivism... the mythical entity called "Canadians" apologising to the mythical entity called "native people".
... And, the next day, the sun will rise as usual, nothing will have changed, and we will still be just people on this earth

Iain G. Foulds said...

... Gerry, be sure to submit this one to the National Post!

Ontario Girl said...

Some groups may even issue news releases praising him. But when election day comes around, not one of them will vote for him.

Liberal's vote for Liberals. CBC will find something they can complain about, along with the Liberal media. When was the last good thing any of them reported on PMSH? They don't even show him on the world stage. Have to be Paul martin for that coverage.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Nicholls you are an arrogant prick. Inheriting rains of power after years of Liberano Gang rule is not that clean business proposition as you would think. If you had some political sense you would remember that Paul Martin in September of 2004 during televised coference in Ottawa offered Canadian natives $800000000.00 to improve health care in far North of Canada. Did you ever asked yourself why Paul Martin slayer of the deficit got suddenly so generous with our money?? Did you ask yourself why was this televised conference no longer televised after only two days??
Did you ask yourself why all premiers were disgusted with Martin after that event?

Iain G. Foulds said...

... Few things are more pathetic than weenies who hide behind "anonymous".

Anonymous said...

Maybe I could get the Italian government to appologize to my family whose ancestors were probably invaded and conquered by the Romans at some point. I mean, where does it END???

granny said...

How does one apologize for genocide, especially when it is still in progress!

Sorry we killed your children to steal your land, but hey! We're gonna keep right on doing it anyway!

nbt said...

It's just an apology people, it's not like were forced to pay more "guilt money" to compensate for someone else's actions 100 years ago. Plus, it's about time someone truly started addressing the aboriginal crisis in this country...starting with a heartfelt apology on behalf of the government. This is one thing Harper has done right for a change.

Now if he will only start apologizing to Canadians on behalf of the conservative party for being in opposition for so long that the Liberals steamrolled over ordinary Canadians.

Time to start shaping the country conservative...and it couldn't come too soon as we've already lost 2 years splashing around in the mushy middle.

Anonymous said...

PMSH apologising for years on LIB neglect and arrogance seems a little ludicrous: He has now apologised for the Mahar Arar fiasco a lib mistake, the Chinese head tax early 1900 another lib mistake; and the libs never apologise for anything not even for adscam or return of 40million that we are still waiting for.
I am still a conservative and will support the PM - Libs under SD have not instilled any confidence in me; example holding up the crime bill in parliament and then in the Senate. voting against their own anti-terrorist act, voting against elections act; debating against certain bills and then abstaining, or exiting the chamber.

Raven Redbird said...

As a generational survivor and counsellor of Aboriginal women and children who have fled abusive relationships I must comment on your rather callous remarks. As my remarks must be approved I doubt they will be published. Children in these "institutions" were raped, beaten and murdered. Parents were forced to sign guardianship over to the state. Money will never bring back the 50,000 children that never returned home. And the heads of government and churches do have a fudiciary responsibility to not only apologize, but see that justice is served.

Iain G. Foulds said...

... Looks good in the Post today!
... Social collectivism- the seeing of ourselves divided into groups- is so deeply ingrained.
... I am slowly learning to see everyone as unique individuals.. it's challenging.
... I can't imagine looking at some people and considering them as "my people", and others as not. It's like bizarre, caveman thinking.

zolton said...

Jezus Gerry I almost had respect for you until today. First of all the problems with Canadian residential schools are still ongoing. They didn't end 100 years ago the direct involvement by the government in these schemes barely ended 40 years ago.

Then Gerry you go onto far abstract rants like "They should regret not reforming our socialist health care system."

I can't quite remember do Canadians like our socialistic system?
Right!!! they do.
So your criticism here must be directly launched at Harper for not giving more money to the provinces for health care over the last two years.

Who here is playing politics with peoples lives to justify the privatization of our health care?
And I think that last line sums up the whole argument on private/public health care systems.
Money or people you choose.

"They should apologize for taking nearly half of what Canadians earn in the form of taxes and using that money to finance an ever expanding and bloated government."

Wow that is the most rhetorically filled stigmatic statement I have ever read!
I wonder where roads and streetlamps come from? Uh duy

Equating the residential schools funk up with Health care tarnishes your ability.
Which I can tell you is not as great as you think it is.
One of the top 10 political minds in Canada! That's a joke right?

"Ian G... I am slowly learning to see everyone as unique individuals.. it's challenging."
Ian we are more alike then dislike! Have you ever thought of an original thought? Didn't think so! You're unique? HAH then why do you sound like every crazy ass conservative I have ever met!
Individual you no, LoL!

Monkey Loves to Fight said...

Gerry - I think you miss the point here. This is a government apology, not one of all Canadians. When a corporation does something wrong they will apologize even if it is under a different management. Just because the government changes hand doesn't mean it becomes a different entity with no relation to past governments. You don't have to apologize over this, but the government should. In addition, even if one wasn't involved, one can still recognize it as a mistake and make sure such thing never happens again.

I think the second poster hits things on the nail. The right wing in Canada is no more than 30% of the population and the more ideological ones probably make up around 20%, otherwise you cannot form government by appealing to this group. You don't need to appeal to the leftist, but rather appeal to the centrist who lean to the right. And I should note the same goes for parties on the left too, which is why the NDP cannot and likely never will form government as they are too left wing for most Canadians.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Harper was acting on behalf of all Canadians because residential schools were established as a result of the Gradual Civilization Act of 1857. Granted that the Act was implemented before confederation but is was enforced during confederation.

The act was an attempt to ensure that the aboriginals took full advantage of the new society. Therefor, the motive at the time was based more on compassion than hate. This is as today when we expect new Canadians to integrate into our society to take full advantage of what it offers.

How it was done is questioned and apologized for. Again, we must look at the situation not in today's standards but at the time it was implemented.

Since there was money put aside for the victims of these residential schools I do agree that adding more money is a waste.

Anonymous said...

Gerry - your Stephen Harper hate slip is showing big time with this one.

Yes - you and I were NOT there, we did NOT do these kinds of things; but the Government of Canada condoned them; thought them the right thing to do to "civilize" the Native population.

Little did they know that Native people knew a whole lot more about their world than the Government of Canada ever did.

It's an apology Gerry - it makes not one iota of difference to our comings and goings through the day. Nothing changes for us Gerry - but if it starts to heal the wounds that Natives have felt for generations; what is the harm.

It really is too bad that you hate SH soooooo much, Gerry. And of course, your hatred brings all the lefties over to tell you what a great guy you are and how what you said is oh, so true!

Sorry Gerry - I do not agree that this was a bad thing. After the arrogance of Liberal PM's saying "fuddle duddle" to anyone harmed by their policies in the past; it is refreshing to see a government take a stand and recognize their complicity in past wrongs.

granny said...

Canada is a corporation, it's true, but one elected and sustained by the people of Canada. This is our apology too, and a lesson to us to always keep tabs on the governments we elect. Their actions are our responsibility.