Monday, June 16, 2008

Baseball heaven

If you are a baseball fan -- especially a baseball fan with a strong sense of nostalgia -- you might think this is pretty cool.

Last week the Chicago Cubs and Atlanta Braves played a "1948 throwback" game.

The players wore retro 1948 uniforms and WGN broadcast the first two innings of the game in black and white using the same camera angles used in those days of yore.


nbt said...

Did they do a Harry Caray voice when they said Cubs win! Cubs win! Cubs win!

Iain G. Foulds said...

... So, what about the "Liberty Fund" thing?

Brian said...

I like it from that angle. You get more of the poetry of the game. Plus, they look like they're running real fast.

Anonymous said...

The announcer could be better.