Sunday, September 16, 2007

Predictable Liberals

A couple of postings ago, I suggested if the Liberals do poorly in tomorrow's Outremont by-election, Liberal boss Stephan Dion would be in trouble.

"No doubt," I wrote, "backroom plots are already hatching across Liberal Land."

Turns out, I was right.


Jacques Beau Vert said...

Dude, anybody could have predicted this. It's how all mainstream political parties operate.

Anonymous said...

I have learned to accept anything written in the Chronicle Herald with a micro-grain of salt.

However, Ignatieff or McKenna... at least, we would have a better chance at a principled, small c conservative PM than we currently have.

Anonymous said...

This would actually be kinda sad if it weren't a little bit funny.

"Open Federalism" apparently doesn't work!

Anonymous said...


Slightly off track, again.

However, I think that you might find this recent interview with Allan Greenspan, a fiscally responsible, libertarian Republican very interesting.

In discussing Rove's GOP:

"They swapped principle for power.
They ended up with neither.
They deserved to lose."

Does any of that sound familiar?

Anonymous said...

Prediction: Liberals will "steal" Outremont by the skin of their teeth and the Tories will sweep the other two by-elections. Hey, what can I say, when separatism is put at bay, Quebecers like big spending statist.

Moreover, OLO will spin Dion as a some sort of survivalist (which will prompt the libs [Iggy et al.] to put their knives away), however, the tories will begin to make their final push against lame duck Dion (not to be confused with Long duck dong "sixteen candles")

Anonymous said...

Almost if on cue, check out these recent stories about John Manley and Frank McKenna:

1) Liberal preaches fiscal conservatism -

2) Blair visit "recognition of Calgary's importance: McKenna"

It's a bit odd that no one writes any stories about what a great city that I think Montreal is.

I would surmise that the knives are definitely being sharpened.

Anonymous said...

anonymous said:

"Quebecers like [a] big spending statist."

You don't need to state the obvious. Please only tell us things that we didn't already know.