Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Bulb Blurb

Reason magazine takes a look at the Conservative government's plan to ban incandescent light bulbs and finds it not so bright.

The magazine states, for instance, that the Tory government's favoured compact fluorescent bulbs contain mercury -- which means they could contanimate the soil and water, meaning they will be treated like "toxic waste".

Oh yeah, the Tory bulbs cost about $3 each, while the old fashioned bulbs cost about 50 cents.

But David Suzki likes them and I guess that's all that counts.


NB taxpayer said...

Taxpayers are also paying for this change whether they like it or not.

Brian said...

I was on this back in the spring:

April 30th

May 5th

The money quote:

The mandatory conversion to CFBs is going to be a travesty, and in ten years we will be calling them an environmental menace, just as once environmentally friendly plastic grocery bags are now seen as a menace.

Unknown said...

"But David Suzki likes them and I guess that's all that counts."

So the Conservatives make an asinine policy and it's David Suzuki's fault?

Do any conservatives (or Conservatives) anywhere still believe in personal responsibility?

It'd be refreshing to see a conservative, ANY conservative discuss Harper's environmental plans without saying "THE ENVIRONMENTALISTS MADE US DO IT".

Anonymous said...


Excellent point!

It's also all the Liberals' fault that Stephen Harper is... well, a liberal!

Anonymous said...

This just means I have to go out an hoard pink lightbulbs for the bedroom!