Friday, September 21, 2007

The Liberals Should Thank Me

You know what has to be the easiest task ever?

Coming up with a list of people who would make a better leader than Stephane Dion.

In fact, I came up with such a list in about five seconds.

Here it is:

People Who Would Make a Better Liberal Leader Than Stephane Dion

  • Britney Speers
  • A cardboard cutout of Stephane Dion
  • Anybody randomly picked out of the phonebook
  • Stephane Dion's dog, Kyoto
  • A carrot
  • Urkel
  • The Scottish guy on Canadian Tire money
  • Mr. Clean
  • Me
  • You


Anonymous said...

Me? You really think so?

Gee...thanks ;P

Anonymous said...

"a carrot"

Anonymous said...

Any soccer mom has more on the ball(no pun intended) than Mr. Dion.

You don't know what you speak about.

Monkey Loves to Fight said...

I am not so sure. I know you, Gerry, don't like Dion, but it is not as though Harper, Chretien, McGuinty, Gordon Campbell, and a host of other leaders didn't face similiar problems in their first year as opposition leader. Lets wait for a while before passing judgement.

Ti-Guy said...

Seriously, Mr. Nicholls...are you suffering from dementia, or something? This is unbelievably puerile.

God, Conservatives and humour...

Anonymous said...

It seems you’re putting the emphasis on “common” with puerile rubbish like this.

Anonymous said...

God, Conservatives and humour...
Just don't mix...

PS Gerry - it's "Britney Spears".
Unless you meant some illegitimate daughter of Albert Speers...

Anonymous said...

And what have you got against vegetables.I think your playing favourites with the carrot.I demand equal recognition for the turnip and potatoe.In case this is the second time i posted this,i also want recognition for the beet.