Thursday, January 25, 2007

Harper's First Year

January 23rd, as we all know, marked the first year anniversary of Stephen Harper's federal election victory.

How has Harper done on his first 365 days on the job?

Rondi Adamson answers that question in an excellent column which appears in the latest issue of the Christian Science Monitor.

Check it out.


rondi adamson said...

Thanks for the link but it's not the "latest" issue of the Monitor. The Monitor is a daily paper. It is from Tuesday's paper.

Anonymous said...

the Huron County "Focus" has this to say on Harper's first year in office.
For full editorial go to

"The world hasn't ended. The sun comes up every day. Quebec is still a part of the country, and gasoline prices, if anything are lower.
That pretty much dispels all the gloom and domm and the dire warnings about the Stephen Harper government......"

"All in all, the Tories made it through the first year pretty much unscathed, and their minority government has never really been in any jeopardy."