Thursday, December 28, 2006

Good Riddance Kingsley

Well Jean Pierre Kingsley has resigned as Chief Electoral officer.

All I can say is --- good riddance.

Kingsley was far from a disinterested bureaucrat. He had an ideological axe to grind and used his power to go after groups he didn't like.

I should know -- he dragged the National Citizens Coalition through a costly and lengthy criminal court proceeding, simply because he hated the NCC.

What's more he actively intervened in our constitutional court challenge to the election gag law against us.

Oh and did I mention he was also incompetent.

Media Update:

Just did an interview on this with CTV National News.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

CTV? I hope you set them straight Gerry. CTV was key in drawing potential attention to Kingsley's resignation as proof of some right-wing conspiracy.

Quite honestly, I've stopped watching CTV these days. Their leanings are much too transparent to offer any real balance to stories anymore.