Wednesday, February 01, 2006

When Dynasties End

The Liberal Party of Canada – once the colossus of Canadian politics --- suddenly looks second-rate.

It reminds of me of what happened to the New York Yankees back in 1965.

The Yankees of that era, like the Liberals, were seemingly an invincible dynasty.

Indeed, from 1923 to 1964 the Yanks won 20 World Series and 27 American League Pennants.

Then in 1965 the bottom suddenly fell out. Their stars became old; their farm system dried up.

The once mighty Yankees were relegated to second division status.

It took the Yanks 11 years to win another pennant.

The Liberals might not have to wait that long to win again, but sources tell me that privately Liberal insiders are admitting that Stephen Harper will be the Prime Minister for at least the next six years.

And for Liberals who are used to governing, that’s an eternity.

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Monkey Loves to Fight said...

I think a lot depends on who their new leader is. Certainly the chances of the Liberals regaining a majority next election are pretty low when you consider how dismal they are in Quebec and the Prairies. Not to mention any gains they make in Ontario will be picking up the seats they lost in 2006, not 2004. I would say Harper will be PM for at least a year and probably two years or more.