Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Trick or Treat Election

Maybe they should have held this election around Halloween instead of around Christmas, because of all the strange and eerie goings on.

First of all you’ve got Jack “I will bring down the government to save public health care” Layton now saying private health care clinics are OK.

And yesterday the NDP unveiled their star candidate – Paul Summerville a former Bay Street economist who says the NDP doesn’t want to increase taxes.

Then you’ve got union boss Buzz Hargrove stiffing Layton and endorsing former corporate capitalist Paul Martin.

What’s next?

Is Layton going to endorse nuclear power instead of windmills? Is Martin going to make “Solidarity Forever” his campaign theme song? Is the Toronto Star going to endorse Stephen Harper?

Who knows?

All we do know is that we can expect a lot more tricks and treats before January 23.

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