Thursday, November 30, 2006

My Tribute to Paul

Tonight the Liberal Party of Canada will pay tribute to their former leader Paul Martin.

That’s awfully nice.

But given that Martin was only Prime Minister for a short time, the Liberals might have trouble finding enough material to fill the two hour planned event.

So to help them along, I have come up with ten good things about Paul Martin. Here they are in no particular order:

1. He single-handedly helped to end years of one party rule in this country.

2. His election campaign helped to promote Canada’s Beer and Popcorn industry

3. Never compared a sitting MP to a domesticated animal.

4. Never throttled a single protester.

5. His election ads helped alert us of the dangers posed by armed Canadian soldiers in our streets

6. If nothing else, at least he banished Carolyn Parrish and Alfonso Gagliano.

7. Mr. Dithers is a cute nickname

8. Helped international brotherhood by flying foreign flags on many of his shipping line’s vessels – it had nothing to do with avoiding Canadian taxes.

9. Helped heal the divide between rich corporate bigwigs and the working class when he became bosom buddies with Buzz Hargrove

10. At least he’s better than Bob Rae

Media Update:

I will be appearing on he World Tonight with Rob Breakenridge tonight at approximately 10:05 PM EST to discuss Paul Martin and other issues.


Miles Lunn said...

I suspect they will focus a lot on his tenure as finance minister where he did do a lot and was quite successful too I might add.

The Arabian Knight said...

11. Helped improve relations with Syria by halling Syrian troops in Lebanon as "peacekeepers".

12. Also helped bridge differences between world-class leaders such as Ghadaffi.

13. Made Chretien`s US-Canadian relations look good by comparison.