Thursday, November 02, 2006

Income Mistrust II

OK, I am sure there are lots of reasons why it made fiscal sense for the Conservative government to break its promise not to tax income trusts.

So why is Finance Minister Jim Flaherty justifying the government's move with weak left wing arguments that could have come straight out of the NDP or Liberal playbook?

Here's a couple Flaherty quotes to illustrate my point:

* "After all, someone has to pay the taxes for health care and education, all the good things we love as Canadians."

* "If corporations don't pay their fair share of taxes, this tax burden will shift ... This is simply not fair.''

Huh? I thought the Tories were about making taxes lower not fairer.

Sure the editorial board of the Toronto Star might applaud this approach, but when election day comes around they sure as heck won't be voting Tory.


Anonymous said...

My only guess is that making those arguments will make the opposition 'argument' weak, since this sort of thing is something that the left would actually approve of. The opposition (i.e. Liberals) are only complaining of them 'breaking a promise', which is all they can muster up without saying they oppose the move or anything.

That's my best guess so far. I would like to hear an argument from a Conservative standpoint, though.

Miles Lunn said...

Being right wing doesn't mean lacking the values of compassion and fairness. It simply means that one believes they can better be done through less government rather than more government. Besides whether it meant less money for social programs, going back into deficit, or higher taxes, one of those three was going to have to happen. And never mind even most right leaning Canadians still support social programs like health care, they just don't care for governments than throw money at every group that comes asking for it.