Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The Other Leadership Convention

While most eyes are focused on Montreal for the Liberal leadership convention, there's another interesting political battle taking place in Alberta.

This weekend, Alberta Progressive Conservatives will be choosing a new leader for their party and a new Premier for their province.

It's a three-man race with Jim Dinning and Ted Morton the two front-runners.

Dinning is the Red Tory choice, while Morton is a conservative's conservative.

I had the pleasure of meeting Ted Morton at a National Citizens Coalition luncheon last June and he impressed me as a man of true principles.

So who is going to win?

These guys have a pretty good analysis.

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Miles Lunn said...

I think any of the three could win. However when one says Dinning is a Red Tory, that is not totally accurate. He is more centrist than Morton, but lets remember he still made major spending cuts as finance minister, supports privatization of crown corporations. What he doesn't support is social conservatism and building firewalls around Alberta. Alberta maybe a conservative province, but Ted Morton is just way too right wing for Alberta. Even Ralph Klein had far more in common with Dinning than Morton. Also lets not forget about Stelmach who is a moderate too, but less polarizing than Dinning.