Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Me on TV

I am appearing tonight as part of a panel on the TV show @issue which airs on the Ichannel at 8:00 PM.

Be sure to tune in as the topic discussed is: "Why the State Inflates".

And yes I know the show is on opposite America's Next Top Model, but surely watching me discuss the evils of big government is more enticing then watching a bunch of beautiful models in skimpy outfits.


Anonymous said...

There is no doubt that the size of the government has become a godzilla with an endless appetite for itself. As for your fear that you will be competing tonight with beautiful women for air time, why not join in partnership with a woman with a Canadian Heritage Scholastic Medal to curtail and decrease the bureaucratic monster with ever increasing hands reaching into the pockets of Canadians for no other reason than that it can't help itself?

rondi said...

I forgot to set my VCR to tape ANTM, Gerry. Can you watch it and tell me who got voted out?

Gerry Nicholls said...

Sure but only because, I don't subscribe to the Ichannel.