Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Kerry's Gaffe

One of the reasons Senator John Kerry's gaffe, where he seemed to suggest American soldiers in Iraq were uneducated rubes, is that it reminds voters of something, the Democrats would like to keep under the rug: left-wingers generally hold the military in disdain.

It's like that here in Canada too.

Recall during the last federal election those anti-military TV ads the Liberals put together "Soldiers in our streets . . . Soldiers with guns!"

And just as those ads ended up hurting the Liberals, Kerry's idiotic "joke" will end up hurting the Democrats.

But it probably won't be enough to head off what seems to be an impending Republican Götterdämmerung.


Miles Lunn said...

Compared to some of the Republican statements it was pretty mild. I think if anything he was pointing out that the Bush administration takes advantage of the weakest Americans (the poorest usually) and makes them fight wars him and his silver spoon fed pals won't fight. Off course it was unfortunately a poor choice of words. I don't like the Democrats, but I hate the Republicans more.

rondi said...

Miles, News flash for you. The United States has a volunteer army. No one is "made" to fight a war.

Miles Lunn said...

The US has a voluntary army, but most join to serve and protect their country, not to fight imperialists wars. Iraq is an imperialist war, not a defensive one.