Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Conservative Class

My friend Tasha Kheiriddin is taking conservatism to a place where it traditionally has been in short supply: the halls of academia.

Tasha is teaching what looks like a fantastic course at McGill University called "The Conservative Movement in Canada" which is probably the first of its kind in the country.

This course will examine the history and current state of the conservative movement in Canada, in three arenas: political, social and economic. It will explore the development of the Conservative party from Confederation until today, with a special focus on the current federal government. It will look at how conservatism in Canada has been shaped by that of the United States and Britain. It will examine where conservatives stand on the issue of national unity and will study the challenges conservatives face in influencing public debate.

Of course, Tasha, who co-authored Rescuing Canada's Right, a Blueprint for a Conservative Revolution, is the perfect person to teach such a course.

It's set to start in the January semester so anybody who would like to enroll should register right away.

I sure wish they had courses like this when I went to university --- maybe I would have graduated with better marks.

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Miles Lunn said...

Actually there are lots of Conservative profs if you look. Sure they are a minority, but they can be found. At Simon Fraser University, which is one of the most left wing universities in the country, most of my Economics profs were libertarian in their views. No some may argue libertarianism is different than conservatism, but it probably more different than socialism than conservatism is to socialism.